• Over 65, 000 refugees currently in Greece

  • Over 14, 000 refugees on the Aegean Islands

  • Over 1, 650 children are waiting for official shelters

  • More than 2, 500 died in 2017 trying to reach Europe by sea

  • 39% of refugees on Chios  have witnessed someone die. (Refugee Rights Data Project)


Action for Education is a Greek and UK-based NGO, running projects providing emergency education for refugees across Greece.

We run

We're currently active on Chios, Samos and in Athens.

You can find out more abut AFE's work on our website, and donate to support our programme costs.

CHIOS VOICES is an online platform featuring art, video and writing by refugee students.

For direct, personal perspectives on the situation in Chios, visit the website.

The Refugee Crisis in Greece
Music & Talks

Here you can listen to extracts from an Outreach Concert given at the Wisdom of God Church on 23rd July 2017.

Short talks that discuss different stages in the journeys of refugees entering Europe through the Eastern Mediterranean are accompanied by musical performances.

More information about the evening can be found in the Journal. For videos of the musical performances, do look on my Creative Arts page.