Don't give me a pen. I'm not

someone with those 'ideas' and 'emotions' to

spill onto the page. 'What oft was thought'

is too common, and I'd never say it so succinctly.

Don't even give me a pen, for

like all, we can spill onto the white table

ad nauseam with our black bile. Bile

of the melancholy of having nothing to say.

Don't give me a box to fill with writing,

even the smallest: were it just one membrane,

thin, crisp, delicate metrical daintiness -

don't give that to me - see how I fill this

page until I reach the bottom.

The black border (or the metrical) warrants

something to be filled with. The filling must

surpass the frame - and what's worse than bad art

in a wonderful frame? We dislike it because we

are confused between frame and filling's relationship.

So don't give me a frame - that provoking challenge.

Don't even give me the space within - frameless, and thus spaceless.

For what isn't bordered is infinite, and

that offers too much scope for my words.

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