The Pear Tree

I wanted to write about the trees as

They seem from the eye of a time-lapse,

If a time-lapse could count the seasons

In seconds, and remove the nights.

The pear tree would stand in the garden

With draping fruit-bearing branches.

Poised, not slouching against its trunk

But diagrammatically silhouetted by background sun:


Now imagine the tree trunk transparent,

A rare treat. And the earth, at a cross-section.

And for three seconds the tree will suck

And up the brown earth with rise.


And in the second second you will begin to see:

Little drops like stalactites,

That will burst into flowers and wilt

Then like a tap droplet that grows and grows

And grows until a pear-shaped pear will hang.


The veins of this tree flex every three seconds

And suck like a breathing body,

Then like an icer – one who ices cakes,

The tips of the tree will ooze out iced fruit

That mouths in that same second will catch.


Then one second remains.

One black frame in which lying leaves will dissolve

And darken the ground, and fill it up.

Ready to be sucked up as the seconds tick.

#Poetry #Nature #fruit #CreativeWriting