ESL: International Women's Day


A lesson based on International Women's Day (8th March 2017). The lessons aims to challenge traditional assumptions of women in the workplaces.

Suitable for: A2-B1, teenagers/adults | Length: 1 - 1.5 hours | Powerpoint available here.

The lesson begins with a hook, in which students hazard guesses. This is followed by a multiple choice quiz. Key vocabulary is then taught with a simple matching exercises, available with Arabic and Farsi translation. Following this, students pair pictures of famous women with descriptions of their lives. Finally, students debate a number of questions on issues of gender equality. Homework: to write a message to a female role-model.

Step-by-Step Lesson Structure

1. Hook

Show students the collage of men. Ask: who are they? what do they have in common?

2. Multiple-choice quiz

Show and read out each question. Give students a minute to confer and elicit suggested answers. Take a vote, then reveal answer.

3. Key Vocabulary

Teach and drill 'key vocabulary' (words already presented in context during the quiz). Use a matching exercise.

4. Group Activity

Match the biographies with the photos of famous women. Download this Resources Sheet and cut out before lesson. Distribute to groups of 3/4.

5. Conversation practice

Flash up each question. Give students a few minutes to discuss in pairs then take feedback from class.

6. Homework: Writing Activity

Write a letter, note or biography (using internet) of a female role-model.

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