'The Battle of Piper's End' - A cinematic & musical remembrance of a long-forgotten

It's rare you get the chance to stage battle re-enactments in 16th century castles.

For me, it was the first chance to direct and film on such hallowed and infamous terrain. I trudged through those damp and misty grounds one morning, accompanied by a close friend. The vineyard seemed out of place. The cars too. They seemed to desecrate the taste of the past; its rancour; its morbid tinge.

With head bowed low in solitary mourning, I took the road home, heart heavy with sympathy for those poor souls whose lives and deaths gave such renown to the place.

The following day I was back with 7 slightly crazy musicians: 3 bagpipes, 2 keyboardists, a drummer and violinist. Together they are 'RockPipes' - Bristol's newest (and only) celtic-rock band, where the sounds of the 70s and 80s meet the sounds of the distant highlands.

They were on a musical and cinematic quest - to make the world remember what happened here...

'The Battle of Piper's End' is famous by its own accounts and certainly doesn't need me to repeat its legendary narrative here. We'll forever remember that fateful day whereupon the Duchess of Thornbury, whilst enjoying fresh tomatoes in her garden, was surprised by the approach and attack of a band of well and truly lost Scots.

How they charged! How they volleyed their spears! How grimly tragic was the loss of life that day!

We'll ne'er forget the bloodstained field and broken boots that littered the ground. Ay! Perchance you know it too, too well, hardy viewer. Yet here, nonetheless, we offer you 'The Battle of Piper's End' - forsooth, enjoy it!

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