Music and Media with RockPipes at The Fleece

It's almost a week since we bundled into a car laden with amps and air guitars, cameras and cables, bags and bagpipes.

As we trundled towards The Fleece in Bristol for a big gig for RockPipes, I switched on a portable voice recorder and began to document the remarkable story of RockPipes, the Bristol-based Celtic-infused rock band.

And no, it's not just because my parents dazzle on pipes and keys that I support this band. Nor even because so many of their friends play in it too.

Rather, it's their ethos that draws me in. The band is strong: in the sitting-room and on the stage. There's a rapport between these band members that you don't usually come across. And this is reflected in their musical togetherness. They are, at once, in-it-together and in-to-it. Their sound world, as bizarre as it is bad-ass, is brilliant.

That evening, as The Fleece filled with their supporters, they staked out their Bristolian (dare I say it, National or even Global) territory. Other bands - other Scottish-influenced band - WATCH OUT!

RockPipes are coming. And they, I hope, will be supported with strong media communication to match their inventive, professional and polished musicality.

So as we trundled down to The Fleece, I captured some of their feelings and aspirations. Combined with the feedback of the crowd, this report will be aired on radio later this week. I'll post it up on Crossing Strings as well. If radio's not your thing, then just hold your horses, cause I'm making videos, taking photos and before you know it they'll be trending day-in, day-out.

Friends. You need to check them out on Social Media too: on Facebook and on Twitter.

There are photos, festivals, gigs and events all upcoming. For these, you need to dutifully click here, to visit their website and boost its traffic.

If you're one of my more influential readers, you might like to book them. You can do this quite simply by calling 07916 253 267.

So. That's about it. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Photos [check some out below]. Gigs.

Oh, and videos. You have a choice now. There's the music videos I made for RockPipes back in August. Then there's the live videos from this latest gig. These will be coming out soon. In order not to miss them, I recommend clicking on one more link and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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