5 Reasons to Support Refugee Education with your Christmas Shopping

Last year, the British public spent a total of £19 billion on presents. We each send 21 cards. Together we get through 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging.

So here’s an alternative for this year.

Christmas is a time for giving, but how we give can determine the real meaning and value both for gift-givers and for the loved ones who receive our presents.

In support of the refugee education projects I’ve been working on in Greece, together with some friends here, we’ve launched @ShopforEducation. I want to invite you to consider choosing to buy your presents through our online store this Christmas. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Give the gift of education.

Everything you buy on our store supports Action for Education’s refugee education in Greece. We cover cost prices, but 100% of profit is donated towards the safe spaces and education programmes run by AFE’s volunteer teams.

2. Don’t consume Buy a Christmas voucher present instead!

From the statistics above, it’s clear we over-consume massively. If you want to give a gift that supports education instead of consumerism, take a look at our vouchers. Each voucher supports a different aspect of our projects, so choose a gift that suits your interests and budget!

3. Be ethical: we only sell local, organic and recycled products

We firmly believe that an ethical, environmental approach to shopping is a responsibility we all share. That’s why our books and Christmas cards are printed on recycled paper and our t-shirts are organic. Everything we sell is also made in Chios, injecting more money into local businesses that creates a virtuous economic circle in the communities that host refugees.

4. Mix things up!

Instead of a scarf, a Yankee candle or a jumper, why not give a gift that has a background, a story, and a real purpose. Whether it’s our student poetry and art book, our t-shirt, our solidarity winter cards, our vouchers, or one of our art and photo prints, we have something that suits more or less all tastes!

5. Add momentum to a movement of solidarity

By supporting Shop for Education and buying our solidarity cards or t-shirt, you involve yourself and those you buy for in a movement that stands #withrefugees.

Visit the shop now at www.shopforeducation.co.uk or message me directly for information. Buy our physical items soon as everything is shipped from Chios! For last minute presents, you can also buy our vouchers and download a special thank you note to give! Follow Shop for Education on Instagram at @ShopforEducation

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