🌍 Earth Day: Towards a sustainable, grassroots movement

When asked to describe ourselves, one of the words most frequently used is ‘grassroots’. ‘We’re a grassroots organization’, ‘working on a grassroots level’, ‘finding grassroots solutions’ and so on.

We often don’t stop to ask ourselves what exactly we mean by this. But let’s take it literally for a moment. Grass is a green, lushoush and fast-growing plant. How so? It sends its roots deeply into the soil, and not just one or two roots, but hundreds of small offshoots that firmly anchor the plant and draw up nutritious minerals and vitamins.

At Action for Education, we strive to create and contribute to societies that are powerful, positive and sustainable. To do this, we too must establish roots, and what these roots look like will determine our ability to affect wide scale change.

In this, our first Sustainability Report, we have undergone a long internal reflection, the results of which are presented in the following pages. We have examined how our work and mission interact with the world around us. While there is a misconception that sustainability chiefly refers to the environment, our alignment with UN Sustainability Goals requires a much broader evaluation that also encompasses our financial processes, organisational resilience and responsibility as an employer and volunteer recruiter.

But this is also much more than just a report. Through reflection and evaluation, this report now becomes a central mandate to Action for Education. Organisations of all sizes have a responsibility to themselves and to the world around them to consider their impact. It is easy to point the finger at large corporations and international organisations, but they too started small and had they embedded responsible practices from the start, they may very well have grown in different ways.

We are certainly committed to doing that just. Like the roots that sustain our world’s most prevalent plant, we are determined to be part of a grassroots community that acts in harmony and balance with the world around us. In the following pages, discover how we aim to do just that.

Read Action for Education's first Sustainability Report here.