"This year's Christmas #1' - Jacob Warn on his upcoming song

by Jacob Warn

When I got back to the UK in early October, there was one thing I was particularly excited about. By chance, it had transpired that I would be able to spend a few months in the same location as Edward Wren: friend, virtuoso and artist.

At that point, I had no clue that this period would become an opportunity for such creative collaboration, but over a couple of coffees, we dreamt up this wonderful project.

Let's release this year's Christmas #1!

It’s a project that started as a joke. "Let's release this year's Christmas #1!" we said. And funnily enough, that remained the comic tag-line we would use over dinners with friends and family as we discussed our project.

Having known Ed for years - since our school days in Bristol - I've always known just how talented he is as a musician. Yet despite a long and close friendship, we’ve had very little opportunity to work together musically.

This may be because we’ve traditionally occupied different areas of the music scene - with him making strides in jazz and improvisatory styles, and myself more inclined to the strait and narrow of classical.

As a fresh-faced pupil at my secondary school, Ed was a figure of great esteem

Where our interests have always met are in songwriting. As a fresh-faced pupil at my secondary school, Ed was a figure of great esteem, performing regularly at Open Mic evenings with new compositions of his own. During these years, I was fully in awe of the lyrical and musical skill Ed brought to each and every work he created.

As time went on, I’ve personally found great enjoyment in writing and composing songs. I usually take moments when I’m back in Bristol to sit down at a piano and draft a few small tunes. But there they often sit.

This last month, I’ve been honoured to work with both a friend and professional. With Ed’s help, we’ve turned a simple tune into a Christmas ballad which I very much hope audiences will enjoy.

And as the musical journey progressed, so did our friendship. Thank you, Ed, for this opportunity.

"The Love We Promise" will be released on 3rd December, available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. For press enquiries, please contact thelovewepromise@gmail.com