Sound Foundry - friend-sourcing customer feedback

Since I was young, I’ve always loved video-making.

Stretching from an early attempt at marketing Minstrels chocolates, through a highly popular (but dubbed “uncool” by teenage school friends at the time) video singing You Are My Sunshine on ukulele with my mum, up until more professional videos with Action for Education and humorous videos with my family every Christmas-time, video fascinates in how it combines attention to the visual and the aural; how it tilters on a line between reality and impossibility; how it promises relaxation but rewards scrutiny; how it charms and divides but ultimately conquers us all.

It was thus with much enthusiasm and genuine pleasure that when I proposed to Edward Wren during the hiatus in which we awaited our soon-to-be-announced Christmas #1 that we work on an entirely new project.

One of my first serious attempts at creating an alternative and personal revenue stream - yet one which still draws on videographic and musical interests - we got to work right-away with vigour.

For several days straight, we holed ourselves up in a makeshift recording studio. Midi-software Roland keyboard, multi-output headphones, GarageBand, several hundred gigabytes of spare hard-drive and buckets of coffee were our companions.

The result is the internet’s newest and most dedicated library of professional, royalty-free stock piano music. And it’s live now.

As a videographer who is always looking for emotive music to accompany videos, there is a real dearth of high-quality content available either free or at a minimal cost. And since subscriptions to much larger libraries come at too hefty a price-tag for the casual creator, we thought we’d be part of the solution.

So here’s my ask. As we begin to take Sound Foundry to the world, I’m asking for feedback on our new website and its music library. Head over to our YouTube account, browse our website, and as a small 'thank you', you can find below a voucher to download any 5 tracks for free.

Here’s to a new project for 2020!

Voucher code: 5PRXW794