The Cartographers - a poem

You and I are like cartographers,

and what we’ve just traversed

- 2021 - cannot be overwrit or overgrown,

rather, it lives on the maps of our minds.

We may go there, when we wish,

and recall with fondness those miles

which wrote smiles upon our faces

with upward contoured lines,

and, we may weep, when the blue

tears of reminiscent nostalgia shall run

like rivers along the creases

of this newfound land, our still-green past.

Take this map with you, where’er you go,

and, where you go, take me too.

We are travelling companions.

And our co-authorship of the months ahead,

I believe, will plot more paths

across our length and breadth.

So that in years to come, not only you and I

but all our friends shall follow in our tread,

laugh in the sunlit plains of our endeavours

and find solace in the shade of our experience.