The Poor Print: celebrating 6 years and 50+ issues!

When we resolved to launch The Poor Print as a digital and printed paper for Oriel College in 2014, little did we know that it would become such a rich, regular and robust bi-weekly publication.

6 years on it is with great pleasure that I see the inkpot remains as full of talent, wit and creativity as when it began.

The Poor Print was founded in the belief that community is both birthed by and gives birth to communication. However small it may be, a community must find, deepen and share its voice. We were not content contributing to external media. We wanted to forge an identity of our own. And our vehicle for doing so became The Poor Print.

A community newspaper is a place for the ongoing existential self-reflection and growth to maturity of a group’s identity. It is its own bildungsroman, or story of self-discovery.

But trusting to this journey - and sticking with it over time - is no easy feat. In a world saturated with media, we frequently end up lost amidst so much noise. We are prone to sell out - as readers and writers - to mainstream media, in our misguided quest for identity confirmation, rather than identity clarification.

But 6 years later, The Poor Print, has not tired on its journey to define and discover the evolving, collective identity of Oriel College, its students, staff and stones.

Today, the editorial team published its 51st edition - Borders - continuing to curate the incisive, articulate and diverse voices of Oriel’s community into a widely read publication.

Congratulation to each and every writer, artist and editor. And thank you for still reading!

You can access, read and enjoy the entire Poor Print archive online at